miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

Admission Essay

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope." Dr. Seuss

As a child, I was an outcast. The sound of my voice was always drowned out by the laughter of kids picking on me, calling me names and pushing me to be ever so different. Being weird was the best thing that ever could've happened to me. I can still recall the first time I was politely asked to leave the classroom, it was the same day I began songwriting. With the highest conviction, I was certain my music would change the world; I was 7 at the time and almost 19 years later I continue to hold true to that conviction.

I would write about love, peace, unity, equality and other values that promoted the inclusion of "different" among customary. I fell in love with the possibility of new generations such as my own shifting the natural paradigms of the “survival of the fittest” and creating a world where even the strangest of souls would occupy an important place in society. My certainty would grow even after falling prey to anguish, doubt, and hopelessness, because at the end of the day something magical always unveils this innate hope scarred into my very being: humanity will change, and the day will come when songs such as Imagine, One Love, Blowin´ in the Wind, and Where is the Love will have become prophecies of the reality we live in. The laughter of a toddler amused by the silliness of a fall; the trickling sound of wet trees after the rain; the familiar feel of stranger´s smile; the warmth of a hug when hollow is the best adjective to describe you; a completely selfless act followed by utter fulfillment; the comfort of finding a song that captures, down to it´s melody, exactly what you feel. This is the magic of which I speak, these are the miracles of life, this is what moves me to be an artist.

I have two majors: one in International Relations and the other in Political Science. Many have told me that it is nonsensical for my search for meaning to be geared towards art as opposed to redirecting it to a more conventional, stable, and pragmatic end. However, as the great Dr. Seuss well states, fantasy is necessary. It is the artists who paint the world with the colors of their imagination; they are the ones to make sense out of all the bad and add meaning to what would seem like an otherwise senseless existence; they create a fantasy out of life and live in it as well.

I want to pursue my artistic career in Berklee not only to ensure that I remain an eternal resident of Never Land, but also to guide others into finding that place within themselves through my music; hopefully making them realize that looking through the wrong end of the telescope the world may actually find the answers it has historically been seeking.


Te di todo lo que tenía y aún mas
Te amé con aquel amor que pocas almas experimentan
aquel que se envuelve entre sábanas de lluvia
que corre por senderos de risas
aquel que te observa y te ve angelical
aquel que se convierte en una religión
en un culto al ser amado
Te amé desnuda y con disfraz
con paciencia y con locura
con la eterna certeza de creerte mi aire
en admiraciòn de tus párpados tranquilos cuando la noche caía sobre nuestra alcoba
Te amé eterno, te amé fugaz
besando despacio y con mesura el espacio oculto entre tus versos
Te amé violento y con ternura
sin mirar atrás tu infortuito desierto
Te amé sin dudar, te amé abnegada
Te amé, te amé, te amé...