sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

Excerpt-May 23rd 2006

I have, in a way, given up on analyzing love, it is far too complicated...Each love experience is new, it tickles new senses in you, and you must enjoy them while they last. Some might leave heartaches and a bitter taste in your mouth, but if you give in they will always provide with the satisfaction that you gave your heart the opportunity to express itself in the fullness of its beauty. You will be able to die and know: "I LOVED". Whether you are corresponded in that love is never really an issue. Correspondance only determines the time period that you will dwell alongside that particular somebody; but love........love is determined by you and the opportunity you provide your heart with. Falling in love is definetly the greatest pleasure in life, so why should we stop ourselves from doing it over and over. Give love as many chances as you can Fafa. I love you, a million, billion, gazillion.

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  1. me ha encantado tu blog pekecita ^^ ..aun sigo releyendo las entradas ke ya lei para ver las cosas ke se me pudieran haber escapado...

    animo...!!! TQM...